April 12, 2007

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Meta W is the result of various blogging experiments, involving photography, audio and video. Meta W became a photoblog after having failed different blog formats, such as being a dairy, a memoir and a general rant blog.

I am Newoz, a Mexico-based amateur photographer and student. Throughout my life I have been amazed by the power of art in a person's mind; how attractive it seems, how mad it can become. I set up this blog more than 3 years ago as an endeavor to log my daily life, feelings and thoughts. It worked for more than a year when I understood that blogging about my life, my deepest doubts and actions, was becoming a problem. I disposed of it and created another one with a different purpose: thoughts about the world I live in and hobbies. The blog didn't get much traffic, was becoming repetitive and had many template modifications. I later got a digital camera in my hands and started taking pictures almost immediately. I never had a place to keep and show my pictures, so I started to upload them to the blog. And Meta W was born.

My whole life has been filled with images of streets, parks, trees, blackboards, cloudy skies, people, etc. I felt the urge to explain my world with images: how I percieved it, how I thought of something, what I have seen.

What have I seen? It has all been a haphazard life.


The individuals, places, company names, advertising and ideas portrayed in the photographs of this blog serve no other purpose but art. Any damage or offense coming from this blog, its ideas or images is not the responsibility of the author.

The author does not produce any sort of income from this site's usage, as images are not currently commercially available. However, if it where the case, the site may be subject to changes without the viewers' consent.

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